Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Simple Wire Reel Stud Mount

JB250 Reels - Dispense 250ft. Rolls of Romex Wire

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Here is the simplest, cheapest and we have found it to be the most effective way to mount the JB250 reels on your construction project.

Where to place the reels is the question?

We have found that there are two methods for making home runs.

1. Pull the wire from the electrical panel to its end destination.

2. Mount the reel where you have decided the end of the run will be and
pull wire back to the panel. We have found this method to be the most
effective because you can change the end location very easy if needed while
never leaving the work area, it also places the reels in the area where you will
be working later roughing in rcpt. and lighting circuit's.

Having or building a wire cart to dispense the wire is strictly your decision
if you are a contractor you may already have a cart.

For the Electrician, DIY and Home Improvement projects I will tell you how you can
actually mount 7 - JB250 Reels in 7 different places in your project
for under $ 2.00 .

Now that is Cheap, Simple, and Effective.

Here is the "how to" make a reel "stud mount" bracket; interior wall studs are normally
spaced 16" on center so lets use the studs as our wire cart.

The inside dimension between the two studs should be @ 14 1/4".

The bracket is going be a 1/2" or 3/4" piece of conduit ( EMT).
Cut a 10ft. lenght of conduit into 7 equal pieces 16" long, now you have 7 brackets.

Instructions are for interior studded walls:

Decide where you want the reel to be placed.

Next, take your tape measure and measure up from the floor plate 48" and place
a pencil mark on the inside of a stud, then slide the tape measure over to the next
stud and do the same thing, place a mark at 48" up from the floor plate.

Now take a drill and drill bit - 1- 1/8" in size and drill a hole approximately 1" deep into
the studs at the 48" marks, be careful DO NOT drill all the way through the studs.
If you do drill all the way through then you will have to drill a new hole.

Congratulation's! You now have a wire cart and a reel bracket.

Load the reel with wire, center a roll of wire (still in its plastic package) over the reel side
that has the 4 bolts pointing up and push the roll down over the bolts, replace the
other reel side and tighten the wing nuts onto the roll of wire.

Take the 16" pipe and poke it through the reels center hole and plastic packaging.

Now, place the reel and pipe into the 1" deep holes you drilled into the studs. you may
have to pull one stud sideways a little to get the pipe into the hole, now the pipe will be sandwiched between the two studs. That way you will know
the bracket is tight and will stay in place while you are dispensing the wire.

With a utility knife cut the plastic packaging all the way around the outside of the roll,
try to stay in the center of the roll and be careful not to cut the outer jacket of the wire.


Exterior studded walls:

Stud extension bracket:

Use scrap 2x's to make this simple stud extension bracket.

You will need 2 - 2x4's x 10" long and 2 - 2x4's x 13 1/2" long.

Place 1 - 2x4x10" on top of a 2x4x13 1/2" with the two ends flush with each other
and screw the two together with 3" screws. Do the same with the other two.

Drill a 1" deep hole with a 1 1/8" drill bit, 1" in from the end of each 2x4x10"
Flushed end of the 2x's.

Mark the outsides of two wall studs (same as above, from floor plate up) that you are going to mount the brackets to and screw the two 2x brackets you just made to the studs with 3" screws. Now the the holes in the new brackets should be 14 1/4" apart and you can use the 16" pipe to mount the reel in the same manner as above. Depending on weight of the wire roll you may need to add another brace under the two 2x brackets that are holding the pipe and reel.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

12/2 X 250 Ft. Roll Romex Wire Reel

No Twists, Kinks and No Damaged Wire!

That’s right, finally a product that will deliver exactly that; oh ya, I should add that it is durable, lightweight, versatile, and it can multi-task.

How you ask? It’s also expandable in width, so it can dispense other products beside romex wire, such as rope, chain, Greenfield, manufacturing products,
Craft products, agriculture ribbon fencing, and whatever else you can think of.

Originally the JB250 was designed to dispense various sizes of 250ft. rolls of romex wire, now other industries have found the reel also meets their needs.

The Why Knot 1 – JB250 Reel will work for you!

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